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Zootopia dethrones Frozen

This is big news. Disney’s Zootopia has just overtaken the longstanding and popular Frozen Franchise as it’s #1 opening weekend animated film. According to Box office figures, Zootopia took in $73.7 million domestically on its opening weekend and $232.5 million worldwide. This is higher than 2013’s Release of Frozen.

There are many reasons as to why this movie is becoming such a huge success. At the time of this writing, Zootpopia has a 99% Fresh rating on popular film ranking site Rotten Tomatoes. Frozen currently has a ranking of 89%. As time goes on, we will probably see the Rotten Tomatoes score even out, but 99% is still pretty impressive.

With the popularity of Frozen, we purchased not just 1, but 2 Themed inflatables and a themed panel. As Zootopia may be the next big thing for kids. We want to know your opinion on how we should treat this latest hit.