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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Super Snow Cones

Inspired by Natalie Paramore‘s Snapchat via Tastemade, we had to share our favorites of these delicious snow cones for this summer. Due to the nature of Snapchat’s disappearing posts, we’re sharing the highlights of the snap story here. Thanks Natalie!

snow cones cat
Image: @brainfreezesnowballs / instagram

We may call them SnoKones here at Niagara Inflatables, but they go by Snow Cones, snocones, shaved ice, Hawaiian Ice sno balls, raspado and more. One thing is for sure. They are delicious. With summer coming up fast why not upgrade your snow cone to a super snow cone.

Snow Cone Bar

Snow Cones are easy to make. Once you scoop the ice into the cone, just add syrup. If you have lots of flavours available, why not make it into a fancy snow cone bar and have your pool party guests deck it out the way they want it. It also frees you up to do other hosting activities. Kids can get creative and try whatever wacky combination of flavours they want.

snow cone bar

Fruity Cones

Why not add some frozen/chilled fruit to your cones. This way you add natural sweetness to your treats that are healthy too. Raspberry, Stawberry, Maraschino  Cherries, Grapes? You name it! This would be great with or without syrup.

A Raspado

Remember all those names that were at the top of this article. A raspado is a Mexican snow cone. It’s probably the most intense snow cone that you will ever make, so pay attention. You need chopped walnuts, shaved coconut, strawberries and sweetened condensed milk. In your cone, add a syrup if you choose, layer on the strawberries and walnut. Pour the condensed milk and sprinkle with the coconut shavings. Cruncy, cool and sweet!

Raspado en rapido. Image: @diningdivasaz / Instagram

Add Ice Cream to the bottom.

If you are serving your cones up in a cup add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom to add a creamy finish to your cone. Or you can add it to the top. When it comes to snow cones and ice cream. There are no rules.

Bunny Snow Cones

If you ever travel to the Caribbean, you may find these. Kids love them. If you manage to get a hold of these long narrow laundry scoops, you can use them to put bunny years on the top of your snow cones after packing them with ice.  Add two for bunny ears, five for a snow hand.


More than syrup.

These are the chocolate syrups of the snow cone world. They are delicious. After adding your syrup, make the flavour pop by adding condensed milk. You probably know of that one already. How about caramel? How about creme with orange syrup. MMM… creamsicle.

Not just for kids

As much as these ideas are great for kids, adults can have fun too. All of these tricks and treats work with your favorite liquor as well.

Share your summer snow cone creations with us on twitter @grandriverjump or on Instagram @grandriverjump.

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Space Bouncer

Well it’s not a space themed bouncy castle like a Star Wars  Bouncy, it’s not even something that we as Western Ontario’s Bounce House and entertainment rental company can offer. But it’s still SO COOL.

NASA is sending an ‘inflatable bounce house’ to the ISS soon. It’s part of an experiment to create new living space for future missions to other planets and to give ample habitation in long term space missions.

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or BEAM test capsule when inflated will provide a 10.5 by 13 foot space that can also withstand solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, UV radiation and all the other nasty stuff that comes with space travel. The TSSA rating on this must be nuts!

Here’s a video of how the ISS Space Arm will install BEAM.

Here’s hoping that this experiment is a success. We’re getting closer to bouncy castles on Mars. With that low gravity, kids are going to be jumping pretty high.

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