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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Superbowl Top Rentals

It’s a big year for the Superbowl. This year is the 50th one!  Here’s our list for the top rented items for Superbowl Parties in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Western Ontario.

Number 4: Cotton Candy Machine

cotton candy machine rentalWhat would the game be without snacks? Sure you have the nachos, chips and dip all ready to go, but some people have a sweet tooth. Adding cotton candy to the mix has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is always a favorite with kids.

Number 3: Sports Bouncer

Superbowl BouncerYay for sports! It doesn’t matter what sport you are into, the Sports Bouncer has it covered. It’s great at a Superbowl party, Worldcup Party, Olympic Games Celebration, anything sports related really.


Number 2: Wide World of Sports

Sports 5 in 1
World of sports is great for all ages and has 5 different activities to engage in.

Not just for kids, the Wide World of Sports 5-in-1 is great for all ages while not only
encompassing a football game for your Superbowl Party, it has baseball, basketball, soccer and baseball. Everyone has a chance to shine with this multi game unit.


Number 1: Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine rentalYes, this is our most popular rental for the Superbowl, and sporting events. Everyone loves popcorn and with easy pre-packs, there’s no chores of measuring or mixing. Bonus, we take care of the clean up when you rent a popcorn machine.

Looking to plan your own Superbowl party? Book an inflatable for an event in February of 2016 and get a free Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine or Snow Cone Machine rental with it. 

An Olympic Year: A History Lesson

It’s 2016 and an Olympic year. It’s hard to believe that one of our prominent promotional rental items was only invented 20 years ago. The Sky Dancer also known as “Dancing Tube Men” and “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Failing Tube Men” is often found in front of car dealerships and new restaurants.

This new video by Great Big Story tells the “Tale of Tall Boy: The Origin of the Inflatable Man.” It provides us with fun facts such as their first appearance in the 1996 Olympic Games and that they were created by Trinidadian artist Peter Minshall. (Grand River Inflatables fun fact: we have a Trinidadian on our staff!)

With the Olympic Games being an even bigger event than Toronto hosted PanAm Games in 2015, we can’t wait to see how our interactive fantasy sports games will be used in events alongside the Sky Dancer. Watch the video below and stay tuned for more fun history lessons.